My goal is to write a post a week. I am waaaayyy behind. So I’m going write a second post today and then I’m getting out of here to spend the weekend camping on a lake (woot)!

In the few short months since I starting working as an academic ERL I’ve also acquired a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Learning to use it has been really fun – and really challenging, just like my job! Both at work and on my SUP I have had to develop a new balance. At work I’m balancing my time between daily responsibility (meetings, vendors, trials, etc) and scholarly responsibilities (blogging, conference proposals, etc) and community service (university committees, mentoring students, etc). On my SUP I’m balancing between waves, using stabilizer muscles that i don’t use when I go for a run or a bike ride. Both at work and on my board it reaaalllly helps to be very “present”. If I get distracted while I’m working I lose valuable time and information. If I get distracted on my SUP…well, I get wet.

I often go out to paddle right after work. It helps me decompress from a day spent in front of a computer, I get to remember that life is also full of beautiful sunsets and sailboats and graceful waterfowl. I guess my SUP is kind of a metaphor for how I want to work: with my eyes open, paying attention to the values and the beauty that got me into library school in the first place, balancing so that I’m not drowning.


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