This curious guy is a zonkey. Shaped like a donkey, acts like a donkey, lives with other donkeys in a farm field…
but…he’s got stripes!


Lately I have been feeling my stripes. I think it might be because the weather is gorgeous this time of year in Texas (meaning, it is only 90 degrees, not 110) so I just want to go do all the things outdoors. I love being a librarian, I really do, but recently I’ve been fantasizing about becoming a park ranger or disappearing to Peru and becoming a shepherd. In some ways I don’t feel like a typical librarian (if there is such a thing?). I don’t like watching television or even movies, I definitely don’t care about science fiction, I love to read but not all the time, I don’t organize my bookshelves at home, etc. I like to play outside and go to festivals and go camping; I like to get muddy and gross and to smell like a campfire.

I might also be restless because lately my task list just keeps on growing and growing and there is no big picture end in sight. When do I get to sit back and be DONE? Probably NEVER! I did get part of the proposal for ER&L written and that feels a little bit “big picture.” I am looking forward to that conference and to all the things I will learn, ideas I will share, people I will meet. But today…I just want to get right on out of this cubicle and head for someplace wild and quiet and off-grid. Even if that ‘someplace’ just ends up being my paddleboard in the middle of a small lake for half an hour.


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