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I am going to be one of the First Year Academic Librarian bloggers over at the ACRL blog. My first entry is due in two days…wait WHOA TWO DAYS?! I agreed to blog for them while I was in Vegas last Saturday and October 24 was still days away (and considering that apparently nobody sleeps in Vegas one day feels like two days when you are there). SO I better get to blogging!

A couple things about Vegas: 1. it is a lot more fun than I expected (I don’t like to gamble but the people watching is incredible) and 2. I am really bummed that I didn’t go to ALA this summer. I wonder if it will ever be in Vegas again…

A couple thoughts about blogging for ACRL: 1. maybe more people will read my blog now and 2. I am just thrilled that I will get a little bit more connected to the library world in this way but I’m nervous I won’t have anything to say…I am fighting off a cold, didn’t sleep well, slightly brain dead and totally uninspired today. My first entry is supposed to be introductory…hopefully I will see my way through the hectic day-to-day chaos to find a topic by…Friday.

A note on being able to focus: it helps a TON when I close my outlook. I get emails all day long about anything from requests for pricing from faculty to updates to ongoing work from colleagues to cries for help with ebooks from students. This can be so distracting and I’m having to train myself that it is okay to take an hour a week or so to go “offline” so that I can focus on a project or a blog entry. I just blocked off an hour of time on my outlook calendar called ACRLog. I will not be responding to emails during that hour. I should probably unplug my phone as well 🙂


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