crossed eyes

I’m going cross-eyed from staring back and forth between lists on two different web pages, trying to figure out what we already subscribe to and what we might want to add to an ebook collection. I asked the vendor for titles in a specific subject area and they sent me massive title lists without bothering to remove what we already own.

Customer service is not always a high priority for library vendors. I wonder why? Why do I often get better service at the drive through window of starbucks than I do from someone who might make commission on literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of purchases? I will say, there are exceptions, of course. Maybe more good than bad customer service experiences over all actually! Just not this week. Or last week! Don’t even mention article usage data in my presence unless you want an earful. I’m just saying.

**A couple hours after I originally wrote this I had to get back on here and edit to say that I just spent more than an hour emailing back and forth with a vendor to figure out why access to a resource we are trialing was not set up. I know that she (the rep) doesn’t have any more time than I do to spend on stuff like that (which is to say: no time) but she hung in there. And even when she thought the issue was on our end (it isn’t) she was nice about it. And now she has to continue dealing with the issue by working with her IT department and I get to go home for the day. So, yeah, more good than bad customer service (maybe). That is all.


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