where does the time go?

It is more challenging that I expected to get an entry up on this blog every week. And speaking of challenging, I am planning going to run the Big D Marathon in April. Well, half of it anyway. And just to be specific that means I have exactly 21 weeks and 5 days to train. So, as I said, speaking of challenging…

It is really interesting to me how much harder it is to force myself to run my miles every day than it is to do other things in life that are technically optional. I get to work every day by 9am. I empty the dishwasher when it is clean and I run it when it is full. I walk the dogs every day. These are all things that are important but the result of not doing them is not life-threatening. One could actually argue that not exercising is, in fact, life-threatening. But emptying the dishwasher? OK, blowing off work would be problematic…and result in professional death if not actual death. But why don’t I take running as seriously as I take my job?

(aside: maybe workplaces should start including exercise as part of job descriptions as in: you are responsible for this and that and this and also jogging 4x a week plus yoga 2x a week).

All this to say: according to the training schedule I adapted from this website I am going to run 3 miles today, 3 miles tomorrow, 3 miles Thursday and 4 miles Sunday. That isn’t even a challenging schedule! But here I am at 3:00 in the afternoon already thinking up reasons why I “can’t” run tonight (it’s cold outside, the dog is sick, my allergies are bothering me, my arms are tired from paddleboarding). LAME.

So what the heck is this weird thing called ‘motivation’? Why do I have so much of it for some things (the dishwasher!) and so little of it for ostensibly important things like running in order to raise money for Peru Luz de Esperanza? I even enjoy running – it is a lot more fun than emptying the dishwasher, for sure! I bet the reason has something to do with immediately visible results. Dishwasher isn’t emptied, mountains of dishes pile up all over the kitchen which drives me nuts. Skipping a run…well, nbd, right? I will just run further tomorrow (haha right).

But even more important than the ‘why’ of motivation – how do I get more of it? Why am I going to do my 3 miles today? What will get me out there again tomorrow?


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