profilepicIn June of 2014 two major things happened in my life. Well, three if you count my birthday. In addition to heading ever more swiftly toward old age I also moved to Texas and started working at the University of North Texas in the Collection Development Department. I haven’t worked in the university world since I was a graduate student at the University of Kentucky in 2006 so one month in I’m still getting my footing. Directly after grad school I worked for SirsiDynix as a content manger among other things and most recently I spent seven years as the high school librarian at a small private school in Cincinnati, a job that I loved. But then my husband accepted a position in Dallas and the rest is history (a so-far brief history). Needless to say I am busy at work, absorbing information and planning for our next fiscal year which starts in just a few weeks.

gathER no wooL is not intended to chronicle my professional development or represent the University of North Texas but to simply share ideas and knowledge with anyone who is interested.
*on that note, I am looking for blogs by other Electronic Resources Librarians to follow – I know they are out there but where?


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